Potential for forest vegetation carbon storage in FujianProvince, China, determined from forest inventories
Yin Ren ,Xiaohua Wei , Li Zhang ,Shenghui Cui ,Feng Chen , Yongzhu Xiong ,Pingping Xie
论文:Potential for forest vegetation carbon storage in Fujian Province, China, determined from forest inventories
    Carbon storage in forest vegetation of FujianProvince plays a significant role in the terrestrial carbonbudget in China. The purposes of this study are: (1) toevaluate how the afforestation and reforestation pro-grams established in Fujian Province influence carbonstorage in forest ecosystems; (2) to assess the influenceof tree species, forest age and ownership changes onvegetation carbon storage; and (3) to explore strategiesfor increasing vegetation carbon potentials. Data fromseven Chinese Forest Resource Inventories and 5,059separate sample plots collected between 1978 and 2008were used to estimate vegetation carbon storage in thewhole province. In addition, uncertainty analysis wasconducted to provide the range of our estimations. Totalforest vegetation carbon storage increased from 136.51in 1978 to 229.31 Tg C in 2008, and the forest areaincreased from 855.27×104to 1,148.66×104ha, show-ing that the Fujian forests have a net vegetation carbonincrease of 96.72 Tg C with an annual increase of4.84 Tg C over the study period. Carbon storage variedwith dominant forest species, forest age and forestownership, suggesting that increases in vegetationcarbon potentials can be achieved through selectionof forest species and management of age structures.Implementation of afforestation and reforestation pro-grams in Fujian Province over the past three decades has made a significant contribution to forest carbonstorage. Vegetation carbon storage can be furtherincreased by increasing the proportion of mature,broadleaved and state-owned forests.